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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Camera down!

This past weekend, we drove through the cornfields of Illinois to lovely Champaign for some U of I football. We met up with Allen, Amanda, Adam and Laura. Our first stop was Zorba's for some delicious gyros (which for the purposes of this blog is pronounced "hoo-rahs") followed by shopping for the latest and greatest in Illini gear. David conned us in to an Illinois football jersey. Shocking.
It is at this point that we hit a minor hiccup. For reasons unknown, Kevin put the camera on top of the car as we were getting in to go back to the hotel, and that is the last we ever saw of it. I guess I'm off the hook for losing it in my purse a couple of weeks ago in Galena. The good news is that what we lost is replaceable. I had downloaded David's first day of preschool pictures the night before. And honestly, we have put that camera through it over the last couple of years. It was getting slower and making rattling noises, and I was a little concerned it might chose some really inopportune time (Max's Gotcha Day, perhaps) to stop working completely. So I hope to put a few phone pictures from this past weekend up on the blog, but other than that (and the August and New York trip albums I am currently working on posting under the "David, Mara and Kevin's pictures" tab to the right) you're going to have to tough it out until we get a new camera.
Anyway...back to our weekend. Saturday we had an old folks early dinner at 4:00 at Papa Del's. Delicious delicious pizza. Then we went to the Illinois/SIU football game. They took our $20 for parking and then had us drive a good mile down the road to park. At least. It took us 25-30 minutes to walk from our car. Once we made it to the stadium, every one had a good time. David was really interested in the game, asked a lot of questions and was genuinely disappointed when we left after the third quarter to try to beat traffic and get the kids to bed at a reasonable hour. Of course, it took us the entire fourth quarter of the game to make it to our car, so that was only marginally effective.
Sunday morning we drove home and left David with Alma while Uncle Dave, Kevin and I enjoyed the Bears game. The play was an embarrassment to the National Football League, but the Bears pulled it out and the weather was beautiful. As a bonus, Dave agreed to stay after the game and help Kevin reassemble the crib. (Thank you, Uncle Dave!) So Max now has a functional room--a crib with bedding and a dresser full of clothes. Anything else we do from here on out is icing on the cake. Well, except buying his car seats. Those are not so optional.


Lao Lao and Lao Ye said...

So I guess all that is left for the granddog sitter is to dog sit with the granddogs. Maybe, I'll show my OCD side and clean the fridge and/or the microwave or something. Buying tickets tonight if your mother and I can stay awake long enought to figure out our schedules.
Love you,

Kari said...

Ha...I have broken every camera I have had...then lost (or had stolen) the one that was water proof and drop proof...and it was truely drop proof, 'cuz I dropped it all the a new Canon in March...takes great pics and I have been taking very good care of it...until the Zac Brown concert at Northerly Island (which is a very small, but nice, fun venue, with cheap parking) some women in their later 50's were having a very good time, and who am I to stifle fun??? so...when it was my turn to be flung around like a doll while dancing, the camera (whose case was at home) went flying out of my pocket...unknown to me for a bit...and when I found it, it was scratched to no end and would not turn on...the Geek squad had determined that I broke it beyond repair, and thank goodness for the extended warrenty, I got to pick up a new one! So, until March of 2012, I can drop, soak, slide down hill with the camera and it will be fixed!